River Markets

Eat, shop, experience

Bli Bli Village River Markets is the local shopping and service hub for the Bli Bli and broader Sunshine Coast community. Anchored by a Supa IGA with a full grocery shopping experience, River Markets caters to the day to day needs of a bustling and vibrant town.

A selection of locally owned businesses and enterprises offer bespoke gifts, boutique fashion, fresh food and produce and core local services. And if you are in need of great coffee, you won’t be disappointed.

Bli Bli Village River Markets

Outdoor Shopping on the Sunshine Coast

Mon – Sun | 6am -9pm 


At Bli Bli Village you’ll find a delicious variety of eateries. River Markets is home to locally owned and operated Thai restaurant, Thai Point and popular pizzeria, The Pizza Shop. Both offer dine in and takeaway options and delivery is available for Thai Point.

River Markets Bli Bli Village
River Markets Bli Bli Village


River Markets showcases some of the finest local gifts, fashion and food. Our specialty stores include a butcher, a bakery and boutique fashion outlet.

Bli Bli News, Bli Bli Post, BWS and Avenue Dental are all conveniently located nearby in our outdoor shopping precinct.


Community sits at the heart of all of the River Markets stores and services. Visit the shops, stay for the food and return for the hospitality. Because you’re always twice as welcome at Bli Bli Village.

River Markets Bli Bli Village
“A visit to the butcher is not just buying meat, it’s a lot more, we talk to our customers, ask how the family is, what they’ve done on the weekend, how their football team went on the weekend how the kids went in sport.”
– Bli Bli Butchery Owner, Andrew Gleeson